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Village Rockers Shirts

Shirts are available in Men's and Ladies. There are options of sleeveless or sleeved for Ladies. 

You can add a pocket if you like.

All come with your embroidered name so must be sized and booked through our Uniform Coordinator, Vicki.

Prices vary with options, expect $38.50 ea

Village Rockers Shirts

Village Rockers Jackets

Village Rockers Fans

Jackets are high quality, very warm and fleecy and can have your Name embroidered.  Just the thing to arrive in before you warm up dancing the night away.  Book your Named Jacket through our Uniform Coordinator, Vicki.  She will be placing another order soon.  Prices $65 - $75 ea

Village Rockers Fans are available in Black or White so we recommend buying one of each.  Identify yourself as a dancer with these fans and you will be asked to dance. Let everyone know you are a member. Essential for energetic Rock-n-Roll Dancers.  Low environmental impact and energy efficient.

These only cost $8.00.  See Carol.

Village Rockers Calendars

Each year we make our own Calendar covered with photos of all the events we have held over the year.  Attend more events and you will feature more in our Calendar.  An excellent photo record.

$15.00 each - pay our Treasurer.

Village Rockers Jackets
Village Rockers Calendars
Village Rockers Fans
Village Rockers Fans

Village Rockers Nametags

Nametags make it easy for others to get to know you and then ask you to dance.  Our Nametags feature our logo and any Name or Nickname you choose. They are fitted with a quality magnetic clip so you don't damage your clothes and are even Washing machine proof.  These are ordered in batches as required, so contact Graham to be added to the next order list.    

Current price is $5.50 each

Village Rockers Namebadges
Village Rockers Namebdges
Village Rockers Branded Memory Sticks

You wont lose these!   They are small 512 Meg Memory sticks with the Village Rockers LOGO.

They hold about 40 Rock and Roll Songs and are used to copy music used in lessons so you can practise at home to the same music used by teachers at the lessons.  Our Music licence covers copying for this purpose.

These are $5.00 each contact Del.

Village Rockers Car Stickers

These stickers are colourful and identify you as a proud Village Rockers Inc.  member.  They simply peel and stick on the outside of any window.  They are UV resistant and designed for exterior use so we expect them to be durable.  You could add one to your Caravan, Mailbox, Tractor, Horsefloat or Motorcycle.

These are only $3.00 each.

Contact Publicity Officer Graham

Village Rockers dancing promotion

I have had several requests for Village Rockers branded knee braces in club colours.  Let me know if you are interested in Left or Right !!!!

Graham - Publicity, Merchandising, everything else and jokes.

Our next project could be Village Rockers branded Walkers. Parking will be provided all in a row on the edge of the Dance floor. 

Expressions of interest to Graham please.

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