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Cr. Laurie Koranski

Cr. Koranski is the councillor for Division 4 in Logan City, where Village Rockers is based.  She is a friend of Village Rockers and supports all our events.  She has even been known to do some Rock-n-Roll dancing.

Bendigo Bank

Bendigo Bank Branches in Logan Village and Jimboomba return Bank profits to the Community in the form of Community Grants and Sponsorships.  Bendigo Bank Sponsors Village Rockers Inc. and offers club members extra benefits.  Enquire Now.

Club Beenleigh

Club Beenleigh holds Rock & Roll Sunday every Sunday with live Rock & Roll bands.  You will always find several members there displaying dance steps, enjoying the social atmosphere and dancing.   Several times each year, Village Rockers take their turn to benefit from the Raffles held each Sunday.

Bendigo Bank Logan Village.jpg
Club Beenleigh

Some bands we Love:-

Old 45s great music

Old 45s have played for many Village Rockers Club Nights and Dances.  Always a great night. 

club nite old 45s1.jpg

Little Stevie and the Tail Fins      

Litte Stevie and the Tail Fins

We cant keep having the same bands at every function, otherwise Little Stevie and the tailfins would likely be our choice.   We have chosen them for our GALA dance in July. 

Buddy Love an the Tremors

 Buddy Love and the Tremors at Cedar Creek Hall.   This is one of Brisbane's best and most popular bands.

More of our Friends
Breakaways R&R Club

Breakaways is another Rock and Roll Club.  Some members attend their dances as a group, and they reciprocate.

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