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Photos from our numerous social and dance events!

From having fun on a float at Coolies, to contributing to the Community with a Charity Dance, Village Rockers enjoy the considerable Physical, Mental and Social benefits of Rock-n-Roll with likeminded people.    

Village Rockers Dance Class
Village Rockers ride for White Ribbon
Tour-de-Logan - Village Rockers team

Village Rockers Inc. Members are certainly not limited to Dancing.  We enjoy many other activities together such as Kayaking, Camping and Caravaning.  We enter a team in the social Tour-de-Logan bicycle ride.  Some members enjoy motorcycle rides together.  We learn many Line Dances and Partner Dances, but our core business is four step Rock and Roll.

dance lessons in Logan Village
Village Rockers activities

The Tour de Logan is a highlight of our social calendar

GALA Dance 2019

GALA dance 2019-3.jpg
GALA dance 2019-4.jpg

GALA Dance 2019

Village Rockers at Beaudesert RSL

Village Rockers Dancing at Beaudesert RSL

Village Rockers Members

Happy Village Rockers Terry and Joan

Village Rockers dancing

Kim and Duncan - Village Rockers Forever

Rock and Roll Logan Village

John and Kay Dance most days (and nights) and teach our Beginners Classes on other days.

Historical Society day.jpg

Village Rockers members at the Beenleigh Historical Society open day.  We enjoyed dancing to Old 45s.

happy birthday lucy 1.jpg

Village Rockers members at Feb. Club night  celebrating Lucy's 18th birthday

VR Bushwalkers1.jpg
Village Rockers on the Village reen

Village Rockers at the Logan Village Green Display

Village Rockers - Carol and John

Carol and John at the Village Green Display

Village Rockers - dancing

A very questionable dance move from President Gary

Rock and Roll at Logan Village

Green Frog Hollow - Dancing for the Cancer morning tea.

Beginner Class Aug 18.jpg

Introduction to Rock and Roll class August 2018.   

Village Rockers Club night October

Village Rockers members at a Club night  dancing to Little Stevie and the Tailfins.

VR Bushwalking.jpg

A Bushwalking outing??  But they are all just sitting on a log!!!

A Bushwalking outing with love letters in the sand.

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